Worship and Music

After receiving feedback from the congregation, we’ve decided to keep the announcements at the beginning of the worship service. The computer screens will be turned off right before the entrance hymn (the official beginning of worship) so as not to be a distraction.  Setting 7 is going well and Carol said that the pace of the hymns is better. Michael Kalb will play the guitar for a special blessing at the end of worship—starting Oct 1st.  We talked further about new banners that would help draw attention to the Mission Statement and Carol will talk with Ron about designing one and Julie will look at the time and talent sheets to see who has indicated an interest in making banners.  The schedule for Christmas Eve services was discussed.  Pastor will ask for member feedback in next month’s newsletter. UCC is hosting the Thanksgiving service and the Bell Choir will play.

Our Hands Sunday will be October 1st and there will be one service at 9am.  Following the service members will make greeting cards to use throughout the year.  Baked goods will also be collected that day to be presented to our area emergency responders as a thank-you for their great service to the community. Pastor asked that we think of other projects that we could do as a committee.  Julie made a suggestion that we have an adult coffee hour on the Reformation on the Sundays in October.  Making book marks for the hymnals was another suggestion.  Pastor Eliza is considering offering a Blue Christmas service and asked the group for feedback.  It would be an ecumenical service that she would write and it would be for people who are struggling with feeling the joy in the Christmas season.  UCC and Grace could be invited to participate and a December 21st date was suggested.

Faith in Action

We are waiting on a list from Kamie Lodermeier at W-K of eligible participants before the packing can begin. We hope to start delivering packs to the school next week, Sept 22nd. The head start program has reached out to us to see if they could also participate. Yes! We are going to work out how to get more backpacks to them. We have put a scale in the packing room so that younger kids backpacks do not get too heavy. $200 Scheels gift card was given to Kellie Quade to buy healthy snacks for kids who “forget” to bring one in the elementary school. All the teachers know about this supply of snacks but we are not advertising it to the parents so that it does not get abused. She will turn in receipts when she needs more money.

Family Life and Youth – April 2018

  • FLC 50th Anniversary Celebration: New Photo Directory Project – In progress
  • Spring New Member Reception – April 29th – Tracy will order the cake and Jode will pick it up.
  • Mother’s Day – May 13th – Will be selling roses as a fundraiser for the Youth Gathering. Orders will be taken two weeks in advance and be available to bring home after the service. Jode will order roses a week in advance.
  • Graduation Sunday – May 20th – WK Graduation is May 20th. There will be 6 high school graduates.  The committee will order the cake the week before.
  • ELCA National Youth Gathering – June 26th -July 2nd with 8 attendees. Planning continues…
  • Father’s Day  – June 17th – Will be selling Lark Toys Fudge as a fundraiser for GEV camp scholarships or Youth Gathering.  Orders will be taken for two weeks in advance and be ready for pick up at church on Father’s Day.
  • Confirmation – October  28th – There will be 4 confirmands.  The committee will order the cake a week before.
  • Fall New Member Reception – November – Date to be Determined
  • Christmas Singing Event – Congregational Event

Education – April 2018

Summer VBS planning has been started. June 5-6-7 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. We will offer this community event with UCC again this year. Faith Lutheran will host.

Sunday Schoolers will be “taking over” 10:30 service on Mother’s Day, May 13th. Our kids will be singing, reading, and serving as worship assistants in a variety of ways.

Mutual Ministry/Intern Committee

We’ve successfully welcomed and launched our new Intern Pastor Eliza Johnson starting on August 6, 2017.  She will preach for the first time at Faith on August 13th and participate in leading worship at Grace Memorial Episcopal on August 20th.  When the next intern committee meeting is scheduled, the mutual ministry members will meet a half hour to review our plan for evaluating the church’s ministry together.  We will also decide if we have a unique roll in addition to stewardship committee in reviewing the synod compensation guidelines for Pastor Dave.


Review of August income and expenses. For August, giving came up short by $5,950, which means we are behind our year to date goal by $11,482.  Eliza presented on plans for the Narrative Budget project. A rough draft of the document will be presented to the Stewardship Committee in October, and the final product will be presented in January at the Annual Meeting. Additionally, we reviewed Health Care plans for Pastor Dave and family. The Committee chose to maintain current benefits and will present this recommendation to the council this month. Also began discussion of synod compensation guidelines for Pastor Dave for budget choices to be made next month.

Memorial/Special Gifts – April 2018

Land from the golf course has been sold.  The endowment brochure is being updated.


TLC came and washed windows on the front of the church.  Scott could not clean the windows at the top of the sanctuary and is deducting that from his bill.  We have hired Advanced Construction to repair the rotting wood under the flashing in the corners.  Estimated cost $1,500 but unsure of extent of the rotting.  Inquiries are being made about having sound panels made and installed in the fellowship hall to help reduce the echo.