Thank you, confirmands, for participating in our worship services as our acolyte. Assisting Pastor in carrying in the Light of Christ is important. We appreciate you being on time and being ready. Ask the ushers if you need help with the lighter/matches. Please be ready to play the role of communion helper if one doesn’t show up.

If you can’t make the date assigned, try to find a sub or offer to switch with someone. If you do switch dates with someone, please let the office know (565-2479) so the names appear correctly in the bulletin. Thank you very much!

Communion Helpers

Thank you, families, for attending worship services and helping Pastor Dave serve Holy Communion on Sunday mornings. We enjoy your smiling faces! If you can’t make it on the days assigned, please try to find a sub. If you do, let the church office know so the names can be correct in the bulletins.