What is the Mission  Endowment Fund?

The Faith Lutheran Church of Wabasha, Minnesota, established a mission endowment fund in 2004.

The purpose of The Fund is to support the work and mission of Faith Lutheran Church in and beyond the local community. No portion of The Fund will be used to support regular operating expenses at Faith Lutheran Church. Faith Lutheran Church Council approval is needed for programs that The Fund supports.

The Fund is called a mission endowment fund because only the interest which The Fund accumulates will be disbursed. Your gift to The Fund literally will keep giving for years to come.

Designated gifts and memorials will continue to be administered separately from The Fund.

The ELCA Foundation will professionally invest and manage the Faith Lutheran Mission Endowment Fund as part of the ELCA Endowment Fund Pooled Trust.

What will my gift do?

Income from The Fund will be distributed annually for the following purposes:

  • 25% minimum for outreach into the community and synod.
  • 25% minimum for missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in this continent and worldwide.
  • 25% minimum for capital improvement, debt reduction, or a building program of Faith Lutheran Church of Wabasha.
  • Up to 25% for any one or all of the above designated areas in any proportion as determined by the Faith Lutheran Church Mission Endowment committee.

How may I give?

Gifts may come from cash, stock or bonds, real estate, life insurance policies, annuities, wills, trusts or memorials.

Life insurance policies may name Faith Lutheran Mission Endowment Fund as sole beneficiary or one of several beneficiaries (e.g. major benefactors being your children and 10% to The Fund). Property may be donated to The Fund while you retain the income from it during your lifetime.

Making a bequest in your will to the Mission Endowment Fund assures that your wishes are carried out as you desire.

Memorials in the name of a friend or relative can be given directly to the Mission Endowment Fund.