Every Sunday children connect the Word of God to their daily lives, learn of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ, and grow in faith together.

Sunday school begins at 9:00 AM by joining the congregation for opening devotions in the sanctuary. Sunday Schoolers and a Teacher go to the classroom for their own time to learn some meaningful songs and have a Bible lesson in the classroom for about 30 minutes.

Each Sunday is a different lesson from the Old or New Testament, so if you miss a Sunday, you can pick up on a new lesson the following Sunday. What a great way to spend time with our Lord and your family! These gatherings are opportunities for studying God’s word, fellowship, and nurturing relationships with one another.

The Sunday School year begins after Labor Day and ends on Mother’s Day.

Education ministry is a primary concern at Faith Lutheran. We strive for a comprehensive program of Christian education. We have a quality staff of Sunday School leaders that inspire and encourage our youth to learn and participate in God’s word. Besides regular Sunday School classes there are Kids For Christ Youth Group, Communion instruction, Vacation Bible School, and the annual Children’s Christmas Service.

Everyone is Welcome.

Our Teachers

Music leaders and Christmas program writers and directors:  Kristi Kropp, Liesl Knox

Teachers:  Dave Laffrenzen, Rachel Kropp, Ainsley Knox

Sunday School Inquiry

Interesting in more information about Sunday School? Please contact us to learn more!