Pr Dave wants your feedback for the sermon. My sermons are not intended to be the final word but a beginning word for you to hear and reflect on so that you may hear a word from God. Let us know what touched you or challenged you or how you may challenge us to rethink the lessons. Pr. Dave’s e-mail is [email protected].

Worship Services:

Sundays at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM
Sunday School during the 9:00 AM service.

Worship Service on Local Cable Television:

HBC Channel 20
Sunday, 11 AM and
Wednesday, 4 PM

Midcontinent Channel 6
Tuesday 11 AM

Service DVD’s are also available from the church office

New Sunday Lessons!  Instead of hearing a snippet from each part of the Bible on Sunday mornings, we’ll be listening to the major stories of the Bible one at a time.  This will enable us to become more familiar with the overall sweep of stories which shape our lives.  Learn more and let us know what you think by going to the Listening Post heading tab and sharing your thoughts!

Come experience God’s grace through music, a meaningful message, and holy communion served every Sunday.

Weekly worship is one of the most important things we can do to grow in faith personally and as a community.  We are called to rest in God’s word which is so much more than simply down time from work–though that is important too. Worship reminds us that our lives are not simply our own to do with as we please, but we belong to our gracious God who frees us to live life bigger than our own limited concerns.  Nothing we can do on our own can connect us to God and others in as deep and profound way as worshipping in a community of fellow believers can.  Centered in Christ we find a better love which gives meaning and God’s peace to our daily lives.

Holy Communion is served to anyone who desires to receive God’s life and love in them in order to grow in faith.  Our church has also adopted the practice of fasting from Holy Communion for three weeks before Easter for the purpose of appreciating and learning more about the gift that it is when it is received in faith.

We use a variety of styles of music through the year so that our worship remains fresh.  The service is led by our pastor, our organist, and many volunteers.  Worship is not something we attend, but it is something that we do together.  It’s not hard to follow the prompts.  Our pastor is good about explaining what we are doing and why we are doing it.  The best way to learn to worship more deeply is to come as often as you can.