Weekly Announcements

Week of November 3

  • THANK YOU TO THE 23 FAMILIES THAT HAVE HANDED IN THEIR TIME & TALENT SHEETS! It is much easier to make up the volunteer schedule with as many names as possible. You can find yours in the November newsletter just mailed last week or there are extra copies on the Welcome Center table. Please consider signing up for ushering, serving communion or reading during our worship if possible. Please fill out and put in the secretary door pocket. Thank you!
  • THANK YOU to all who helped make this year’s TRUNK or TREAT a huge success! Over 100 people (of all ages!) enjoyed an evening of fellowship and candy collecting!
  • PLEASE SIGN UP FOR LEFSE MAKING on the sheets in the Welcome Center. The dates are Nov. 6 & 7, and Nov. 13 & 14. The potatoes are cooked on Tuesday and the lefse rolled on Wednesday. Come help when you can!
  • WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP MAKE ROSETTES? Sign-up sheet is on the Welcome Center Table. It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Dec. 1st from 1-3pm here at the church. Bring your rosette iron if you have one!
  • PLEASE PICK UP YOUR 3RD QUARTERLY REPORTS on the Welcome Table.  Thanks!!
  • WE ARE STARTING TO SAVE POP TABS AND SOUP CAN TABS for the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. Please save yours at home and your work place and put them in the big jar on our food shelf. Let’s fill it up by Thanksgiving!
  • THE COOKIE WALK will be Saturday, December 7, 2019 8:30-11:00 and will be chaired by Linda Brehmer, Jane Hager, and Kay Hickey.  This is a congregational fundraiser and help is needed in all areas! We need COOKIES from the congregation so let the baking begin!  We are asking for 10 dozen cookies from families again this year and the cost will again be $7.50 a pound.  Specialty items like candies and breads can be made, but they do not always sell as well as the cookies because they are not sold by the pound. We have had some really creative items in the past so don’t be afraid to try something new.  Thanks for those of you that have helped in the past and hopefully you will do so this year. A Thrivent grant has been approved for this fundraiser which means we are receiving $250.00 to offset advertising costs and hopefully some money for supplies. Proceeds will go into the WELCA coffers with delegations to missions, Lutheran campus ministries, and local charities. This can’t be done without your help so please sign up to help when we get the sign-up sheets out. It’s a great time of fellowship and of course, eating.  Lefse and rosettes will be made at the church at different times and will have separate sign ups. Any questions, please contact any of the chairs or the church office.


  • HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED HOW MUSIC helps (or hinders) when you have experienced the death of a loved one?  Healing Rhythms Music Therapists will guide participants in exploring how the intentional use of music in bereavement is beneficial.  There is no charge for the session, but prior registration is required.  In Wabasha, it is Wed. November 6 from 2-3:30pm in the Sr. Gerina Room at St. Elizabeth’s. More information at 800-679-9084 or [email protected]  See poster on bulletin board.
  • THE THEATER OF PUBLIC POLICY PRESENTS “END OF LIFE; LIVE AND UNSCRIPTED”.  It is a smart, funny way to talk and learn about something we’ll all deal with eventually.  Two shows on Nov. 14th at 2pm and 7pm at the Rochester civic Theatre.  FREE!  See more information on the bulletin board. Sponsored by Lucile Gonda Grant, Mayo Clinic Hospice.


  • HBC Channel 20: Sundays, 11am and Wednesdays, 4pm.
  • Midcontinent Channel 6: Tuesdays, 11am.
  • Previous worship DVDs available in the office.
  • The last two Sundays are available on our web site for viewing anytime