Weekly Announcements – Sunday, February 18

  • Thank you to Shar Beisell and Chris Kohler for hosting our fellowship time after worship this morning. If you’d like to take a turn, let the office or Pastor Knox know.
  • Please note the quilters are not receiving new material at this time. There will be a tying party later in April so watch for that!
  • It is appreciated if you borrow anything from the kitchen or church, you check it out with the office or leave a note for Julie. A take-out sheet is on the kitchen fridge. Thank you!
  • Cheese Balls are for sale after church this morning. All proceeds go to the kids going to the New Orleans Convention this summer. They were asking $6 but today they’re on special for your freewill donation!

Food Share item for February
Pasta and sauces! Macaroni and cheese! It’s winter and kids are in sports. They need their carbs! And pasta is something they can make themselves. Buy your favorite kind and bring in the another for our shelf. Likewise, if you are in need yourself, please take a box home and enjoy what you’d like.

Shepherd for February
Carolyn Hinkle 565-4306
Call her with any congregational joys or concerns.

As of Feb. 11, 2024
Weekly Budget needed: $25,152
Current: $8,754
Behind: ($16,398)
2024 Goal: $20,000
Current: $ 4,905
ATTENDANCE Feb. 11: =75

Prayer Concerns

Members of Faith:

Les Hinkle (transferred to N.H. in Stewartville)
Claudia Sather (stoke; recuperating at the H.C.C.)

Friends of Faith:

Vernon Jahn (health complications) 93 yr. old brother of Jim Jahn
Daniel Darwin (brain tumor) 16 yr. old great-grandson of Carol Cruser
Collin Bennett (broken leg) grandson of Shirley Gander
Eric Bennett (complications after gall bladder surgery) Shirldey Gander’s son-in-law
Donald Busch (stroke) Val Zabel’s father
Jan (heart issues) Marguite’s best friend
Lyle Bartsh (cancer) friend of Jerry Lecy
Gloria Hager (stomach cancer) friend of Dar Jones and Sherry Lecy
Jack Furtney (stroke) neighbor & friend of Chris Kohler’s
Garry Maelke (blood cancer) brother-in-law of Ron Grave’s
Johann Donner (29 year old son of Steve and Connie Donner) tumor is stable, and decreased in swelling
Jim Meyer (cancer) Laura Metcalf’s father
John Justice (inoperable brain tumor) friend of Rollie & Dorothy Kallstrom
Sophie Peterson (stage 4 round cell sarcoma at age 26) Dorothy Kallstrom’s brother’s granddaughter
Cheryl McCarthy (myeloma) Val Zabel’s sister

Grieving deaths:

Jean Coates